Green fingers

Green fingers

This year I have engaged more than usual in growing vegetables. I grow quite common things like cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, beans, peas, squash, salad, carrots and potatoes. We live in a moss that cools the environment quite a bit, so it's hard to grow without a greenhouse - which we happliy have.

In the past years it has become a mediocre harvest of vegetables, but this year it has really exploded. If it depends on our extra actions or the unusually hot summer is hard to say, but the result is that we now have more vegetables than we can eat, a pleasing problem.


I bought a plant lamp to be able to give the prevultivation a good start and it really make a diffrence. It only took a little more than a day before it started to grow up.

Different wavelengths of light have different uses because it stimulates different phases that the plant passes through. My plant lamp has a composition of 660nm(red), 560nm(blue) and 5000k (sunlight).

The blue wavelengths (560nm) increase the biomass and stimulate chlorophyll formation, and the red (660nm) stimulates root initiation, flowering and stretch growth.