Lund Linux Conference 2024

Posted by Marcus Folkesson on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Lund Linux Conference 2024

I have started to write a few lines about this conference each year as I think it deserves attention. Also, the more attendees we are, the more fun we get.

The conference

Lund Linux Conference (LLC) [1] is a "half-open" conference located in Lund. It's a conference with a high quality and I appreciate that the athmosphere is more familiar than at the larger conferences. I've been at the conference several of times before and the quality on the talks this year was as good as usual.

The great thing about this year is that it is the 10th anniversary!


If you look at the schedule you will see that there are a big variarity on topics.

Day 1

Presenter Presentation
Uladzislau Rezki Reduce synchronize_rcu() latency
Damien Le Moal NVMe PCI Endpoint Function Driver
Pankaj Raghav A small history on Large block sizes in Linux
Daniel Gomez eBPF in Large Block: A quick tour of the eBPF technology/ecosystem and how we use it at the block layer and filesystem levels for verification/validation
Alice Ryhl Using Rust in the binder driver
Alvin Šipraga Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) on Linux

Day 2

Presenter Presentation
Julia Lawall Should we balance? An adventure with formal verification of Linux kernel code
Gustavo A. R. Silva Challenges and innovations towards safer flexible arrays in the Linux kernel
Naresh Mehta ASPICE & ASILs - What is it and path forward for Linux component adoption in Automotive
Linus Walleij The Memory Tagging Extension MTE for ARM AArch64
Jørgen Sværke Hansen Integrating Hardware-assisted Hot Data Detection into the Linux kernel
Lightning talks Andy Polyakov - Ultimate memory tagging


This post is more to "spread the word" as I think this is one of the better conferences I've attended.

Hope to see you there next year!