Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Debug kernel with KGDB

Debug kernel with KGDB What is KGDB? KGDB intend to be used as a source code level debugger on a running Linux kernel. It works with GDB and allows the user to inspect memory, variables, setup breakpoints, step lines and instructions. Pretty much the same that all application developers are used to, but for the kernel itself. Almost every embedded Linux system does have a serial port available, and that is all that you need to connect GDB to your kernel.

-ENOENT, but believe me, it's there

-ENOENT, but believe me, it's there Almost every ELF-file in a Linux environment is dynamically linked, and the operating system has to locate all dynamic libraries in order to execute the file. To its help, it has the runtime dynamic linker, whose only job is to interpret the ELF file format, load the shared objects with unresolved references, and, at last, execute and pass over the control to the ELF file.