Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Building an owl house

Building an owl house I like owls. I always have. There are so many reasons to be fascinated about owls. For example, did you know that Owls has special flight feathers that makes them almost silent? That they can swivel their heads around (how cool is'nt that?) is commonly known, but that they can do the same with their toes too? Their eares are asymmetrical to make them better to pinpoint the location of sounds in multiple dimensions? cover

Bird counting

Bird counting I've been counting birds for couple of years now, but for the last past six mounths I have also recorded which species I see at bird table. I live in the middle of a bird sanctuary, so I think it could be good to know my neighbors. So the main reason for this was to learn to tell the difference between different species for birds. I must say that this was a success, I can name about 30 different bird species with a fairly high degree of certainty around my bird table. cover