Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Capture a picture with V4L2

Capture a picture with V4L2 Brief As we has seen before, cameras in Linux could be a complex [1] story and you have to watch every step you take to get it right. libcamera [2] does a great job to simplify this in a platform independent way and should be used whenever it's possible. But not all cameras does have a complex flow-chart. Some cameras (e.g. web cameras) are "self-contained" where the image data goes straight from the camera to the user application, without any detours through different IP blocks for image processing on its way. cover

V4L2 and media controller

V4L2 and media controller The media infrastructure in the kernel is a giant beast handling many different types of devices involving different busses and electrical interfaces. Providing an interface to handle the complexity of the hardware is not an easy task. Most devices have multiple ICs with different communication protocols... so the device drivers tends to be very complex as well. Video For Linux 2 (V4L2) is the interface for such media devices. cover