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Embedded Linux Artist

TIL - sort in vim

TIL - Sort in VIM TIL, Today I Learned, is more of a "I just figured this out: here are my notes, you may find them useful too" rather than a full blog post After 15+ years of daily VIM usage I just discovered the :sort function. Quite embarassing. It is also possible to sort in revese ( :sort!) and remove duplicate lines ( :sort u). cover

Quickfix in VIM

Quickfix in VIM One of the most fascinating things with the VIM editor is that you find new features every day, even after many years of heavy usage. Quickfix is one of those features. Quickfix parse your compiler-output and let you easy navigate to the concerned lines with errors and/or warnings. Great hue? How does it work? The builtin command is (surprisingly) make. Just do: :make (without bang character!)