Who am I

I'am Marcus. A software/hardware engineer with a lot of varying interests. What I spend my time on is either hightech or really old fashioned - nothing in between. Beside coding and hardware design, I like doing blacksmithing, beekeeping, carpentry, beer crafting, HAM radio and farming. It is hard to find a common denominator. but it necessarily does not have to be one, the important thing is to try out everything that can be fun.

My $dayjob

I'm currently working at Combitech as technical leader for the Embedded Linux area. In short, my role is to maintain specialist knowledge in this area so that we can take on difficult assignments but with high confidence that we are doing an efficient job.

This maintainance involve to have courses(Combitechs Embedded Linux course), attend conferences (mostly Embedded Linux Conference), predict trends and keep filling this pool of knowledge.

What I do

Besides my job, family and interests, I try to contribute to open source software.

Nothing fancy but still some patches here and there. Projects I have contributed to are: