Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Oppigård Amarillo, third batch

Oppigård Amarillo, third batch This recipe is also from the book [1] and the third batch of this beer and it is one of my favorite hopier beer. I think it is fun to brew single hop beers since you learn to recognize the taste and aroma of a single hop at a time. The aroma of Amarillo is described as flowery, spicy and citrus-like with a distinct orange bouquet. cover

St:Eriks Pale Ale, second batch

St Eriks Pale Ale, second batch The book "Klona öl" [1] ("Clone beers" in English) has collected recipes from many Swedish breweries. One challenge is to brew a recipe and then buy a bottle with the same beer and compare, hope This is the second time we brew a St:Eriks Pale ale, which is a pale ale with a lot of citrus aroma from the Citra and Simcoe hop. The body is quite light and it is a perfect summer beer. cover

BEER2RST - my first attempt with golang

BEER2RST - my first attempt with golang I'm using Beersmith [1] a (non-free...) software to create my beer recipes. It's written in Java and runs well on Linux. One of the biggest benefits with using Beersmith is that my brewing house [2] is taking exported recipes as input and setup mash schemes automatically - really comfortable. I brew beer several times a month and always takes notes of each brewing, both methods and results. cover