Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Crosscompile libcamera for RPi

Crosscompile libcamera for RPi Goal The goal is to cross-compile libcamera [1] and libcamera-apps [2] for Raspberry Pi using the latest Raspbian [3] (Bullseye) release. Usually you setup the root filesystem with Buildroot [4] or Yocto [5] and generate a SDK that you can use to compile your application. The Raspbian distribution does not come with a SDK so we have to setup our own. We will use a Raspberry Pi 3b for this. cover

What is libcamera and why should you use it?

What is libcamera and why should you use it Read out a picture from camera Once in a time, video devices was not that complex. To use a camera back then, your application software could iterated through /dev/video* devices and pick the camera that you want and then immediately start using it. You could query which pixel formats, frame rates, resolutions and all other properties that are supported by the camera. cover