Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Watch repair

Watch repair Time for another watch repair! The watch can be winded up to max, but it does not move nor tick, so my guess is that the gear train is stuck somewhere. It is also the first time I use my microscope to something else other than soldering components (and looking at creepy bugs with my kids..). Take it apart I started to take everything apart as usual, starting with the balance wheel. cover

Service of a pocket watch

Service of a pocket watch Mechanical watches is fascinating. A mechanical timepiece that gets its energy from unwinding a tightly coiled flat spring. All this energy does feed another spring-driven balance wheel that oscillates back and forth in a given frequency. All without any batteries. Isn't that cool? Mechanical watches is quite expensive and need regular services, so I bought a no-name brand pocket watch that suddenly could stop tick and didn't keep time very well. cover