Marcus Folkesson

Embedded Linux Artist

Leather fox pouch

Leather fox pouch I bought this [1] pattern to make a fox leather pouch to a friend of mine. I made some modifications to the pattern to make it more how I like it. I used Veg-tanned Bellies 5oz leather for this project. The steps The laser machine is not involved at all in this project. Stamp each hole is a time consuming pleasure. Beavel all the edges. Dye the leather and add a layer of shene. cover

Razor leather case

Razor Leather Case My safety razor broke during usage last week, so I sadly had to order a new one. I'm not really into shaving at all, but I want something that works and safety razors does both work and is cheap in the long run. For those interested, I bought a AL13 razor from Henson Shaving [1]. This time I used my Laser cutting machine to cut out the leather. cover

Leather watch strap keeper

Leather watch strap keeper My watch was missing the strap keeper, so I had to make one. To be honest, I did not put my soul into this project, I had an urge to fix it while the food was getting ready in the oven. Anyway, here is my steps to make one. The steps Cut out a leather strap. My final size was about 14mm wide. Bevel the edges: cover

Leather sewing machine

Leather sewing machine I have worked with leather for some time which I enjoyed a lot. Leather is so general purpose and is both robust and nice looking. So far I've made myself a wizard hat, dice bags, mug pads, bookmarks.. The majority of all leather projects involves a sewing, which is quite entertaining but really time consuming so I invested in a $60 leader sewing machine which make the whole process a lot smoother. cover

Leather penguin

Leather penguin A Linux guy needs his penguin, right? I found this pattern [1] on etsy and thought it would be a fun project to make a little companion. The leather I'm using for this is a 2-3oz veg-tanned goat skin. It is a little too thin to make a robust penguin, but I rather want it soft and squeeze-friendly than robust. That's how I prefer to have my companions. cover